When I first decided to go into business for myself a very wise business person said it would be a roller coaster ride of emotions. They were right. Every day for the first few months I questioned my sanity at having made the leap into the business world. What right did I have to call myself an entrepreneur?

The climb to the top of the first hill seemed relatively easy as I made my way through paperwork to set up a business with accounts and documentation. The door opened with little fanfare as most home-based offices do. The first few contracts went out and came back unsigned and it felt as though the wrong decisions had been made. But I persevered and carried on and kept calm(ish). By 6 months I proudly called myself a business woman and spent my days going to client meetings, coffee with friends and counter-parts–doing the entrepreneurial shuffle between home-life and work. I can do this!

And then after what seemed like a well deserved Christmas break there were hints and suggestions of change coming. One does what one can to prepare themselves, their clients and carries on. There were lots of conversations about temporary layoffs–pros and cons, what could happen, what should happen and what did happen. And then life changed for most.

The doors closed on most businesses and life has changed. Many who have been in business on their own for many, many years will tell you that ‘this too shall pass’. And they are right.

I have been in Human Resources for over 20 years and I do know that this too shall pass. There are many things to do to get ready for the change. I can work with you to make sure that you and your staff are ready for the next bend in the roller coaster ride.