The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising and you are getting ready to re-open the doors of your business. Where are your employees?

Many employers are finding that their employees don’t want to come back–at least not just yet. What can you do?

If you did a proper lay-off employees were given section 62 – 64 of Employment Codes explaining that they have only 7 days to respond back to your writing recall notice. And if they don’t? You can end the employment relationship without termination pay. GET IT IN WRITING!

But, reached out and find out why they do not want to come back. Is it a safety reason? Childcare? A good conversation can often fix a lot of employee issues.

Speaking of safety–how is Health and Safety looking at your place of business? What about a Health and Wellness Policy? You really should have one in place to help cover off the duties and responsibilities of keeping the work environment clean and the expectations you have of employees and clients when it comes to entering the workplace when sick.

With health comes 2nd opinions. In the past month I have had conversations with a few business owners who have been making human resources based on the advice of their insurance broker or accountant. If this is you, please consider getting a second opinion from a HR professional. Give me a call and just run it by me to double check that you are doing it correctly and according to the latest employment standards. I am always happy to have a conversation with anyone at almost anytime about Human Resources.