Operations Manager

“I’ve been in the trucking industry for over 20 years-driving, dispatching, and managing other drivers. Up until 2018 I had never worked with Human Resources and when I was told HR would be working with me on hiring and ‘handling’ the guys I was skeptical. Jennifer discussed what she could do for me and allowed me to decide how much of her help I wanted. Jennifer made it easy. She was able to take a lot of the hiring process off my plate and allowed me to focus on other things. The guys found her approachable and easy to talk to and I found that she had great advice for me in how to handle different situations, she really knows her stuff. Now that I have worked with HR I am no longer skeptical and would recommend talking to Jennifer to see how she can help your company.”


Safety Administrator

“For over a year I had the pleasure of working alongside Jennifer Caseley. Jennifer was able to bring a sense of comfortability to the position. Always professional and knowledgeable, Jennifer was also welcoming and supportive in the workplace. Her ability to command a presentation, lead group discussions and assist employees through difficult situations made her a wonderful asset to the team. Jennifer has a passion for Human Resources, and this shows in her commitment to ensuring that everyone is welcomed and supported from the initial contact through their career progression. She is a wealth of knowledge and will be an asset to any project.”


Human Resources Consultant

“Jennifer was a great mentor and was always willing to answer questions and discuss ideas. She is a wealth of knowledge and I relied heavily on her expertise. Jennifer’s management style is flexible and fun.”