Every business is powered by its people. They are your most valuable asset. The right people can boost your company’s growth, impact and success. (But people can also be a lot of work). 
Caseley Consulting offers a wide range of HR consulting and advisory services, supporting your business in person, virtually or both. We take care of recruitment, retention and employee relations so you can focus on doing what you do best. The following are some of the services we provide. Contact us for an in-person consultation and we can come up with a plan based on your needs. 


You know this firsthand: hiring someone isn’t just a matter of placing an ad. It takes time to find someone who is the right fit, with the right experience. From creating the job posting to presenting an offer to the preferred candidate – Caseley Consulting will help you every step of the way.

team building

ColourSpectrums (TM) is a workshop designed to help your team bond and learn how to communicate with each other more effectively. Each of the four colours represent a different personality type – we will determine where each participant lands on the spectrum and learn what it means. There are no bad colours, just different ways of interacting with each other! ColourSpectrums (TM) workshops are generally a full day, but may be modified to a half-day or 2-day program combined with additional team building strategies.

Employee Handbook

As you build your team, company policies and practices need to be solidified and put in writing, in a way that is accessible to employees – straightforward, concise and free of jargon. We will sit down with you to define and clarify your standard policies. We will then produce a handbook that clearly and effectively communicates to employees your expectations.

Mentoring HR Staff

The Caseley Consulting mentoring program will provide your HR Administrator with a plan and the tools, resources and confidence to implement it. The program also incorporates ’emergency assistance’ when quick decisions and expert help is required. Time will also be set aside to discuss strategy and best practices for human resources in your company. Available as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly mentoring sessions. To get the most from this program, a minimum 6-month contract is required.

Retainer Services

Clients that typically make use of an Advisory Service package employ between 5 and 75 employees and have found this option to be the most hands-on and impactful. Having a Retainer means security for you, ensuring that you get the help you need, when you need it.

What are the advantages of a retainer?

-Guaranteed time with your organization means we can build relationships with your team.
-Dedicated hours each month ensures you have priority over new business.
-It saves you money! Anywhere from 10 – 50% off our hourly rate based on your needs. And when you renew in 20202, 2019 rates apply!
-Cash flow is easier to manage with a monthly invoice at a flat rate.

Pick the perfect plan for your company.

4 Hours

Per month

  • Remote Services
  • 1 Policy/month
  • 10% off extra hours

10 Hours

Per month

  • On-site or Remote
  • 2 Policies/month
  • 10% off extra hours
  • Guaranteed rate renewal
25 Hours

Per month

  • On-site or Remote
  • 2 Policies/month
  • 15% off extra hours
  • Guaranteed rate renewal
  • Engagement Survey

Frequently asked questions

You’ll be working with the owner of Caseley Consulting, Jennifer, who has Alberta certification in Human Resources. We want to build personal, first-name relationships with you to best support you and your business.

We are flexible, and can adapt to suit the particular needs of your organization. We can be the sounding board for you to help provide the confidence to make the right decisions and peace of mind to know you are following Employment Standards. Upcoming termination? We can walk you through the process, recommend severance (if required) or even attend. Hiring? Use your hours towards finding your next great employee.

When you need them. Flexibility is key to a good relationship. We will be available to you whenever you need us because employee incidents don’t just happen between 9-5. Use them in 15 minute increments, an hour a day, or all in one day–you decide–we track it. Looking for team building or a training day? If you are on the 10 or 20 hour package we can carry over up to 20% of your hours per month towards a training day.

Caseley Consulting is wherever you need us to be. One of the great aspects of using the 10 or 20 hour retainer services is that we can work out of your location to help build relationships, or be a phone call or Skype call away. Only need 4 hours a month? Your access to Caseley Consulting is via phone, or Skype as well as email and text.

  • Peace of mind. Knowing that a qualified person will answer questions to your specific issue.
  • Cash-flow is easier to manage-monthly invoice–your bookkeeper will appreciate it!Guaranteed time with your organization means we can build relationships with your team.
  • You will receive 1 or 2 new policies a month helping ensure your company is compliant.
  • Dedicated hours each month ensures you have priority over new business.
  • Saving you money. The package means you receive a discount off our hourly rate.
  • 4 hours per month will be billed at $200.00
  • 10 hours per month will be billed at $1,000.
  • 20 hours per month will be billed at $2,000.
  • Plus GST.

clients say

"I've been in the trucking industry for over 20 years-driving, dispatching, and managing other drivers. Up until 2018 I had never worked with Human Resources and when I was told HR would be working with me on hiring and 'handling' the guys I was skeptical. Jennifer discussed what she could do for me and allowed me to decide how much of her help I wanted. Jennifer made it easy. She was able to take a lot of the hiring process off my plate and allowed me to focus on other things. The guys found her approachable and easy to talk to and I found that she had great advice for me in how to handle different situations, she really knows her stuff. Now that I have worked with HR I am no longer skeptical and would recommend talking to Jennifer to see how she can help your company."
Operations Manager
For over a year I had the pleasure of working alongside Jennifer Caseley. Jennifer was able to bring a sense of comfortability to the position. Always professional and knowledgeable, Jennifer was also welcoming and supportive in the workplace. Her ability to command a presentation, lead group discussions and assist employees through difficult situations made her a wonderful asset to the team. Jennifer has a passion for Human Resources, and this shows in her commitment to ensuring that everyone is welcomed and supported from the initial contact through their career progression. She is a wealth of knowledge and will be an asset to any project.
v. bOYD
Safety Administrator
Jennifer was a great mentor and was always willing to answer questions and discuss ideas. She is a wealth of knowledge and I relied heavily on her expertise. Jennifer's management style is flexible and fun.
Jennifer G.
Human Resources Consultant